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When can I return my bakery supplies order?

As a policy, Bakerykart does not offer returns or refunds. It is the seller’s discretion to accept your bakery supplies order return & cancellation or refund to you. Returns may be accepted on following conditions:

  • Due to delivery of wrong product
  • Due to tampered shipment or damaged
  • Due to incorrect information shown on website

Which products are eligible for bakery supplies order return & what is your return window?

We don’t accept bakery supplies order return, unless its meets one of the conditions highlighted above. The discretion of bakery supplies order return & cancellation is of the seller wholly. This is to ensure fair trade; in case of genuine complaints we are here to address your concerns.



Chocolate 2 Days 24hrs
Ingredients 2 Day 24hrs
Bakeware 5 Days 24hrs
Display & Decoration 5 Days 24hrs
Packaging 2 Day 24hrs
Tools 5 Days 24hrs
Kitchenware 5 Days 24hrs
Equipment 5 Days 24hrs

What is your bakery supplies order return process?

In case of any issue with your bakery product you should inform Bakerykart’s team within 12 to 24hrs of delivery. After that initiate the bakery supplies order return process using Bakerykart’s order history section. 

Please find below the steps to complete the returns process.

  • Click on ‘Return the Product’ against a product that you wish to return
  • Submit your return request with a photograph of the product and state the exact problem

Next Steps :

  • The seller & Bakerykart team receive the bakery supplies order return request.
  • The seller then reviews the complaint and will either Approve or Reject the appeal.
  • If the appeal is approved, you will need to pack the product and generate a pickup request.
  • Our pickup team will come to your address and pick up the product on the basis of “Said to Content”
  • Once the product finally reaches the seller’s warehouse the seller will again review the product to give the final approval or reject the bakery supplies order return.
  • Once the baking supplies order refund is approved by the seller, you would receive the refund in next 5 to 10 working days.

How do I complete my bakery supplies order return if return pickup is not available at my pincode?

If return pickup is not available at your pincode, you will need to book the bakery supplies order return through an external logistic company. You will have to send it to the seller’s communication address mentioned on the packet/invoice, please read through the pickup instruction.


Can I cancel my baking supplies order?

Yes, you can cancel within 12hrs of placing the order. We would charge a nominal fee of 5% as cancellation charges. We charge this fee for bakery supplies order cancellation to cover the financial charges incurred during the payment process. 


I had placed a baking supplies order with Bakerykart, but it was cancelled by the seller?

We usually don’t encourage sellers to cancel order, but sometimes bakery supplies order cancellation can happen due to the following reasons:

  • We encourage sellers to maintain adequate inventory to fulfil order, but at times due to festive rush or unforeseen circumstances your requested product might go out of stock
  • Logistics service is not available to your pincode
  • If there is an error in order or the order looks suspicious
  • Discrepancies in payment received
  • Natural unforeseen circumstances