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Listing your products to sell on marketplace is a great way to give your brand more exposure and get your products more views. Customers are drawn to marketplace because of the assortment of products and the ease of the all-in-one shopping experience.

 Advantage to Sell on Marketplace by Bakerykart:

  • Treat it like your own store.
  • Seller friendly policies.
  • The platform offers reduced marketing costs compared to other sales channels.
  • Impartial reviews of your products and service may give new customers the confidence to buy
  • It is possible to operate a round-the-clock - time constraints and problems with varying local trading hours are removed.
  • Fast & Easy Shipping - Dropship model to help you control inventory at your own warehouse, easy pickup and shipping through Bakerykart logistic network.
  • Pay when you Sell - There is usually a monthly fee for listing your products on other marketplace; but Bakerykart charge you only when you sell.
  • Update pricing on fly
  • Single seller for single SKU.
  • For the first 15 sellers, we will upload your SKU on our platform *.

Bakerykart has over 150 categories spread across 9 master categories covering the requirement of Bakery Industry, listed below are 9 master categories on our marketplace :

  • Chocolates
  • Ingredients
  • Bakeware
  • Display & Decoration
  • Packaging
  • Tools
  • Kitchenware
  • Equipment
  • Miscellaneous

We are currently looking for Seller in categories listed below, if you are interested to sell with us, please fill the refer a seller form and we would reach out to you.

  • Chocolates - Compounds, Chocolate Couverture etc
  • Ingredients - Food Colors, Flavours, Fondant, Dehydrated Fruits, Mixes etc
  • Display & Decoration - Cake Accessories, Cake Board, Cake & Cupcake Stands etc
  • Packaging - Cake & Cupcake Boxes, Cookie Bags etc
  • Tools - Rolling Pins, Decoration Tools, Cake Toppers, Turn Tables etc
  • Kitchenware - Measuring Cup, Measuring Scales, Copping Tools etc