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Callebaut Chocolate: Fine Belgian Chocolates and Delights

Callebaut Chocolate, established by Octaaf Callebaut in 1911 in the charming village of Wieze, Belgium, boasts a rich history in the world of premium chocolate. Initially serving chocolatiers, Callebaut has expanded to meet the needs of the professional market, becoming a trusted source of exceptional chocolate creations. Octaaf Callebaut's timeless chocolate recipes, including Callebaut 811 and Callebaut 823, remain meticulously crafted and beloved.

Callebaut Chocolate has maintained a century-long tradition of crafting the finest Belgian chocolate. The chocolates are known for their strong flavours, velvety textures, and unrivalled taste, as they use only the highest-quality ingredients. Renowned chefs and chocolatiers worldwide trust Callebaut Chocolate's superior quality to bring their culinary visions to life. With an emphasis on high cocoa content and a delicate sweetness balance, Callebaut Chocolate enhances the flavour and luxurious appeal of any recipe.

Callebaut Chocolate is committed to sharing the joy of their great creations with every chef, allowing them to create wonderful chocolate treats. Whether you seek exceptional workability, diverse pairing possibilities, or the pure pleasure of superior taste, Callebaut Chocolate is your reliable partner. Discover the unparalleled satisfaction of incorporating Callebaut Chocolate into your culinary creations, and let its exceptional quality enhance your dishes to new heights.

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