Why sell with us?

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If you an manufacture, importer or retailer looking to reach out to bakers and baking enthusiasts, actively looking out for the best brands across India to boost your sales, Bakerykart can help you drive sales for your business. Take a look at key benefits of selling with Bakerykart.


Targeted Audience

Cater to the right audience who are searching exclusively for baking products, without the distraction of a million categories and products.


Online Storefront

Build an online brand for your products with the right support and guidance from Bakerykart, with a secure online payment system and clean user interface.


Engage Customers

Promote your new products to your customers and engage them actively via Bakerykart marketplace and social media. Inspire and inform them of new trends and innovations.


Value for Money

Pay for what you sell, Bakerykart does not charge for listing your products but only charges a commission for the products you sell via the marketplace.


Lowest Return Rate

Our order return rates are below 1%, this means you don"t have to worry about cancellation FEE and Forward Shipping charges on such orders.


Lowest Cancellation Rate

Our order cancellation rates are below 1%, we are neutral, this means without genuine reason the orders are cancelled by customer.


On-Time Payment

With weekly payment option, your payments are transfered to your bank account within 2 to 3 working days after the settlement statement had been generated by our system.


Clear Billing & Settlement

We list details of each transaction in your billing & settlement, this helps you can track billing & settlement for individual orders and product all at one go.


GST Report

To help our seller to comply with GST, download the complete sales report for filling GST 1 and 3B Returns.