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How do I get access to your premium features?

Premium Features is not accessible to all users, you need to fulfil any one of these criteria to get access to premium features on Bakerykart.

  • Attend an event organised by Bakerykart
  • Take part in our survey or activities
  • Volunteer to become a moderator for our community
  • Have extensive experience in baking and contribute quality content on bakerykart to help other bakers.

If you feel that you don"t fullfill any of the above criteria but can contribute in any particular way on Bakerykart, then please reach out to us and let us know how you can contribute to our baking community. On evaluating your profile, if our team feels that you have the knowledge that would benefit other users on the platform, we will give you access to premium features.


Why should I create my public profile on Bakerykart?

Creating your public profile on Bakerykart will help you build your brand and have the following advantages:

  • Get Featured in our public directory
  • Exclusive Access to selected baker’s or chefs
  • Get Featured on Social Media as Artist of the Month/Week
  • Get Access to host of features and facilities
  • Manage your content all on a single platform
  • Get new leads for your venture
  • Bakerykart digital marketing team will help you in your marketing objectives

What are the exclusive features I get access to?

You can benefit from the following premium features that you will get access to -

  • FREE Public Profile
  • FREE Directory Listing
  • Upload All your Work Samples
  • Maintain your baking blog, baking tutorial & tips
  • Share your baking recipes with the community

Do I need to regularly post baking blogs and baking recipes on Bakerykart to retain access to your premium features?

No, but you need to at least post 10 blogs & recipes in a span of 3 months to retain access to premium features. However this is subject to the discretion of the Bakerykart team, if you have contributed but it has not benefited the Bakerykart community then your premium features can be revoked at any time.


I just created my public profile on Bakerykart, how do I get listed on your directory?

A warm Welcome & Congratulations on creating your public profile on Bakerykart, to get listed on director is easy and quick, follow these simple steps:

  • Update your public profile by adding a short write-up about yourself, choose your display name, upload your profile & cover photo.
  • Select up to 3 categories you would like to be featured in
  • Add at least 4 photographs of your work samples
  • Add at least 1 blog article on baking and related topics
  • Add at least 3 baking recipes

I have created a rough draft for the baking blog, tutorial, tips and baking recipes. Can Bakerykart help me with the final drafting and editing of the content?

Yes, our content team can help you with final drafting of your content at a nominal charge. Please email us your requirement with details on

What is the image size and dimensions required to post on my work sample gallery?

You should post square orientation image with a maximum size of 300 to 500kb for each image, you can post jpg & gif files only.


What are the size of images for my profile & cover photo?

Following are the size of images, maximum size of 300 to 500kb for each image, you can post jpg & gif files only:

  • Profile Photo: 400 X 400 pixel, 72dpi
  • Cover Photo: 875 X 315 pixel, 72dpi

I got an email that I have received a message, how do I access the message?

You need to login to Bakerykart’s website to manage your message. Please follow these steps.

  1. Login to Bakerykart store with your account details.
  2. Click on My Account section.
  3. Under the Dashboard you would see your last 5 msg.
  4. Click on any message to read the content of the message.