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Goodness Vanilla - Indian Premium Vanilla

For over a decade, Goodness Vanilla has been renowned as the epitome of premium all-natural vanilla. Its reputation has spread across cuisines worldwide, thanks to the ideal climate of the mystic Western Ghats mountains and the unwavering dedication of the local planter community.

In the mid-1990s, faced with declining prices of rubber, coconut, and coffee, farmers in South India sought a more lucrative crop. Dr. Mahendran, an ambitious farmer from Pollachi, embarked on an extraordinary journey by cultivating a foreign orchid that had never been commercially grown in the region before. This orchid was the humble vanilla plant, which yields the world's second most expensive spice after saffron. Driven by passion and determination, Dr. Mahendran initiated the Indian Vanilla Initiative, allowing vanilla to thrive in the hospitable environment of the Western Ghats through intercropping and with minimal investment.

Today, Goodness Vanilla stands as a testament to the success of this initiative, offering the finest quality vanilla derived from the bountiful Western Ghats. It symbolizes the hard work, sincerity, and innovation of Dr. Mahendran and the planter community, making it a cherished ingredient in the culinary world.

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