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Top Selling Compound Chocolate in India

Compound chocolate is created by combining cocoa powder, vegetable fat, and sweeteners. Because compound chocolate does not contain cocoa butter, it melts at 35°C to 37°C and does not require tempering. This also makes compound chocolate very easy to handle in hot Indian weather.

Compound chocolate is now the most widely used chocolate in the bakery industry. In the food industry, the compound chocolate is also known as coating chocolate, non-temper coating, confectionary coating, or baker"s chocolate. It is used as a low-cost substitute for couverture chocolate. Bakerykart sources compound chocolate from well-known brands such as Vanleer and Van Houten. The compound chocolate is available in dark, semi-sweet, milk, and white chocolate flavours and is shipped throughout India.

No Return Disclaimer: From April to November, couverture and compound chocolate will melt and leak in transit. By purchasing these products, you agree that no returns will be accepted.

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