Why Bakerykart?

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Bakerykart is a virtual baking wonderland where anyone connected to the bakery industry can find a reason for purpose and joy! It is like an online community where one can find the best bakery supplies, recipes and tips. Whether you are a buyer looking for baking supplies, a seller seeking to sell your baking products or simply a baking enthusiast wishing to learn more about the art of baking, Bakerykart is the destination you have been seeking!

Bakerykart aims to be a competitive marketplace for buyers –

  • Selection of cake craft supplies and baking products from over 150 categories
  • A wide delivery network where your favorite baking supplies reach at your doorstep
  • Access to unique and latest product offerings in the market reaching international standards with products showcased by international brands
  • Active peer community which rates and reviews products so you only buy the best baking products
  • Chance to learn new baking recipes and gain expertise from baking experts and baking connoisseurs
  • Buy latest baking equipment, tools and accessories to create new and innovative baked foods
  • Shop for high quality products from the top brands across the world sourced from authentic suppliers and manufacturers
  • As a baker, create a profile on Bakerykart to reach out to the entire universe and build a brand exclusively for your services.

Bakerykart is a marketplace which means that baking supplies sellers are competing with each other to provide you the best baking products at the best rates in the market! You get to compare, evaluate and choose the right product for your baking needs.

With the exclusive range of baking products which are categorized according to your needs, you will never get lost in a virtual supermarket! Bakerykart is the specialty cake craft store you have been waiting for!

Bakerykart is more than a marketplace, it is a thriving community of individuals who care deeply about baking and want to become experts at the art of baking. The community of home bakers, professional bakers, expert chefs and restaurateurs come together to create an environment of sharing and learning. With new baking recipes, innovative techniques and exquisite skills being shared, everyone can dream of becoming an expert baker!