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KitchenAid Stand Mixer Price in India

Since 1919, the KitchenAid has been the culinary center of kitchens across the world. Our kitchen stand mixers let you make fresh pasta, ice cream, veggie noodles, salads, and more by using the power hub that fits over 10 available attachments. For over a century, KitchenAid Countertop have been helping home cooks create exciting new dishes and whip up family recipes.

Today, the colorful KitchenAid series can be found in pantries across India, America, and the United Kingdom. From our Food Processor, Pasta Roller, or Stand Mixer where the story first began, there’s a reason we’ve been invited to join these kitchens.

Now you can choose the kitchen mixer that’s right for your space thanks to our expanded collection of Mini, Tilt-Head and Bowl Lift mixers.

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