Lustre Dust Colors

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Lustre Dust Colors for adding Tones or Highlights

Lustre dust is nontoxic, tasteless, odorless edible powder used for adding color, tones or highlights to cakes, chocolate, cookies, candies and desserts. Dry brushing or painting with lustre dusts and edible glitters will have your buttercream glittering, chocolate shining and sugar paste sparkling.

Whether you’re decorating your cakes with a brilliant gold or dusting your chocolate praline with brilliant copper lustre dust, we have wide verities of lustre dust you may require and can be used alone or mixed with similar edible color powders to produce a more intense gloss.

Note: Lustre dust will not fuse with water as it is not water soluble. If you plan to use dry lustre dust, it can be applied directly without any preparation.

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