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Himalayan Unbleached Pizza Flour - 1 Kg

Product Code : 13533 | Sold by: Raw Himalayas | Brand: Raw Himalayas

Achieve pizzeria-quality pizza at home with Raw Himalayas Unbleached Pizza Flour. With 12.49% protein, this finely milled flour ensures ideal stretchability, low stickiness, and big air pockets for perfect pizza bases.

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Country of Origin
Name of CountryIndia
Ingredient Type
Ingredient Information Baking Flour
Sugar FreeNo
Weight & Packaging
Net Weight1000 grms
Packaging TypePouch
Usages & Instructions

Raw Himalayas Unbleached Pizza Flour is crafted for pizza enthusiasts who want to create pizzeria-quality pizzas at home. This pizzeria-grade flour, with a protein content of 12.49%, ensures a strong gluten network for ideal dough development. The finely milled texture allows for perfect stretchability, low stickiness, and big air pockets, essential for achieving the perfect pizza crust.

Our pizza flour is 100% natural, unadulterated, and freshly milled from the finest Himalayan wheat. It is easy to digest and highly nutritious, making it a healthier choice for all your pizza baking needs. Whether you are making traditional Neapolitan pizza, New York-style pizza, or experimenting with thick and thin crusts, this Unbleached Pizza Flour delivers exceptional results.

Experience the joy of baking delicious, high-quality pizzas with a flour that combines the best of nature and baking science. Elevate your pizza-making skills with Raw Himalayas Unbleached Pizza Flour and enjoy the taste and texture of professionally baked pizza at home.

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How to Store

To maintain the freshness and quality of Raw Himalayas Unbleached Pizza Flour, store it in an airtight container. This helps prevent exposure to moisture, pests, and strong odors. Keep the container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. For extended storage, refrigerating or freezing the flour is recommended. Ensure it is well-sealed to avoid condensation, which can affect the flour’s quality and performance.

Common Applications

Traditional Neapolitan Pizza: Raw Himalayas Unbleached Pizza Flour is perfect for making authentic Neapolitan pizza. The high protein content ensures a strong gluten network, providing the ideal chewiness and airiness for the crust. Achieve the perfect charred spots and fluffy interior that characterize this classic style.

New York-Style Pizza: For a classic New York-style pizza, this flour offers the ideal balance of stretchability and strength. The dough bakes into a thin, foldable slice with a crisp edge and a tender, chewy bite.

Thick Crust Pizza: Create delicious thick-crust pizzas with ease. The finely milled texture and high protein content support a dough that rises beautifully, resulting in a thick, airy crust that is both soft and satisfying.

Thin Crust Pizza: This versatile flour also excels in making thin-crust pizzas. The dough can be rolled out thinly without tearing, and it bakes into a crispy, flavorful crust that holds up well to toppings.

Calzones and Stromboli: Use Raw Himalayas Unbleached Pizza Flour for calzones and stromboli. The dough’s excellent stretchability and low stickiness make it easy to shape and seal, ensuring delicious, well-cooked fillings.

Breadsticks and Garlic Knots: Beyond pizzas, this flour is great for making breadsticks and garlic knots. The dough’s properties ensure they bake into light, fluffy, and flavorful snacks that are perfect as appetizers or side dishes.

By choosing Raw Himalayas Unbleached Pizza Flour, you are opting for a premium, natural ingredient that enhances the quality and taste of your homemade pizzas. Enjoy professional results in your kitchen with this exceptional flour.

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