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Callebaut Chocolate - Finest Belgian Chocolate in India

Callebaut was established in 1911 by Octaaf Callebaut in the small Belgian village of Wieze. In 1930 Callebaut’s started to focus towards the professional market and dedicated its activities in servicing & supplying Callebaut Chocolate to chocolatiers. Octaaf Callebaut’s chocolate recipes like Callebaut 811 and Callebaut 823 are still being produced today. Using only the best ingredients, Callebaut has been manufacturing its Finest Belgian Chocolate in the heart of Belgium for more than 100 years. Prepared with commitment passed on from one generation to another, Callebaut Chocolate is trusted by top chefs and chocolatiers to create unlimited chocolate pleasures. Dark and Milk Callebaut chocolate recipes are high in cocoa – low in sugar, they are perfect for increasing the chocolate taste in your recipes.

Bringing splendidly savouring Callebaut Chocolate to every chef and supporting you in creating lovely chocolate pleasures for your customers. Every day you can trust on Callebaut to support you with great workability, pairing possibilities and to delight your consumers with the reward of superb taste.

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