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No one can resist the taste of Lotus Biscoff. Can you?

Lotus Bakeries was founded in 1932 by Jan Boone senior, and the Lotus brand has been closely linked with original caramelised cookies: a thoroughly Belgian product that owes its distinctive taste to caramelisation during the baking process. The one-of-a-kind recipe was developed using carefully selected natural ingredients. Lotus Bakeries is still family-owned and operated in its hometown. The delectable cookie has since spread throughout the world.

Lotus Biscoff demonstrates that you don't have to be big to stand out. It appears to be different. And with each bite, you're pleasantly surprised by its distinct flavour and delectable crunchiness. It all comes down to three simple factors: its distinct flavour, crunchy bite, and iconic shape. Furthermore, it goes well with coffee. However, our biscuit is above all an irresistible treat on its own.

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