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Francine Baking Flour in India

Francine brand owned by Grands Moulins de Paris, France, and offer high-quality baking flours. Bake all your baking delight with Francine! The baking flour and the formulations go along with you to bake your sweet and savory recipes with ease! Thanks to their unmatched 55 years of experience, Francine creates quality products to simplify your baking and create tasty recipes. independently or with family, beginner or professional baker, with Francine everyday baking joy is guaranteed!

An everyday birthday cake or bread for breakfast with family: in the kitchen, we have created a unique bond with our customers, that brings us together and gets us going every day. Just like the ingredients that we bring together through each recipe, we have established a strong emotional bond with our customers, passed on with confidence from one generation to another.

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