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Sparkling Lustre Dust for Edible Creations

Elevate your cake, chocolate, and dessert creations to new heights with the captivating allure of lustre dust. Crafted to perfection, our collection of nontoxic, tasteless, and odorless edible powders offers a vast array of colors and shades to add a touch of magic to your edible masterpieces. From vibrant golds to dazzling coppers, these lustre dusts are designed to bring out the brilliance and shine in every sweet creation.

Whether you"re dry brushing or delicately painting, our lustre dusts and edible glitters will transform your buttercream into a mesmerizing display of glimmer, your chocolate into a glossy work of art, and your sugar paste into a sparkling delight. With their versatility, these powders can be used alone or combined with other edible color powders to create intense and mesmerizing gloss effects that will leave a lasting impression.

Indulge your creativity and explore our wide range of lustre dusts, each meticulously formulated to ensure maximum impact and a stunning finish. With our exceptional quality and extensive color selection, you have all the tools you need to unleash your artistic vision and create edible masterpieces that will mesmerize and delight. Let the allure of lustre dust transform your sweet creations into edible works of art that will captivate the senses.

Note: Lustre dust will not fuse with water as it is not water soluble. If you plan to use dry lustre dust, it can be applied directly without any preparation.

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