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What is Callebaut Price in India?


What is Callebaut Price in India?

Callebaut is a known name in the world of fine gourmet chocolates in India. The company had been selling fine Belgian chocolate in India since 2007. Chocolatiers and chefs all over India rely on the brand not just for their high quality products but also for the affordable Callebaut price in India. Right from the richest dark chocolate, delectable white chocolate, to delicious Crispearls, the brand has really an amazing array of chocolate products on stock. In December 2017, the Callebaut products were made available online to customers through an agreement between Delta Nutritives & Bakerykart, to offer door step delivery and consistent Callebaut price in India.

  • Callebaut 811

    Callebaut 811 Dark Couverture

    Get great taste and impeccable workability with this product that comes in a highly affordable Callebaut price. The re-sealable pouch keeps the freshness intact.

  • Callebaut Cacao Nibs

    Callebaut Cacao Nibs

    Avail the purest form of cocoa nibs at the right Callebaut price from Bakerykart. This delicious add-on will make your creations taste out of the world.

  • Callebaut 823

    Callebaut 823 Milk Chocolate

    The economical Callebaut price and the iconic taste of milk chocolate are the things that make it a must-have in your kitchen.

  • Callebaut W2

    Callebaut W2 White Chocolate

    It has lovely taste with milky, creamy, caramel and vanilla notes along with pairing possibilities with sour to bitter, spices to herbs, fruits to beers and more.

  • Callebaut COCOA POWDER

    Callebaut Cocoa Powder

    Has perfect chocolaty taste with warm red-brown color, can easily be added into doughs or liquids, great for flavoring & coloring cakes, cookies, desserts, drinks and more.

  • Callebaut Cocoa Butter

    Callebaut Cocoa Butter

    A multi utility product permits you to adjust the fluidity of your chocolate, improve gloss and snap of your chocolate or temper couverture chocolate by adding this to your mix.

  • Callebaut Minimix Crispearls

    Callebaut Minimix Crispearls

    Simply sprinkle them to decorate your cakes, desserts and pastries with mixture of tiny pearls in dark, milk and white chocolate coated around a mini roasted biscuit.

  • Callebaut Fine Hazelnut Praline

    Callebaut Fine Hazelnut Praline

    Add a caramelly taste with fruity notes to your pralines, chocolate bars or mix them with chocolate to create a filling or flavor your ice cream, pastry creams, mousses and more.

  • Callebaut Crispearls Dark

    Callebaut Crispearls Dark

    Complement the finishing touch of your chocolate, desserts or pastries, simply spread them on top of cakes, desserts to add your stylish touch of pure indulgence.

  • Callebaut Dark Truffle Shells

    Callebaut Dark Truffle Shells

    The opening help you to fill the truffle shells with fillings, simply dip them in tempered chocolate and then roll them in chocolate decoration to get the perfect truffles.

Callebaut Price List in India (Updated on 1st March 2021)

Sl Name Weight Price
1 Callebaut 811 Dark Couverture 2.5 kgs Rs 3,321
2 Callebaut 811 Couverture 1 Kg Rs 1,531
3 Callebaut Cacao Nibs 800 grms Rs 1,347
4 Callebaut 823 MILK Couverture 2.5 kgs Rs 3,554
5 Callebaut  W2 White Couverture 2.5 kgs Rs 3,769
6 Callebaut Cocoa Powder 1 kg Rs 1,996
7 Callebaut Cocoa Butter 4 kg Rs 8,802
8 Callebaut Minimix Crispearls 425 grms Rs 1,358
9 Callebaut Fine Hazelnut Praline 1 kg Rs 2,802
10 Callebaut Crispearls Dark 800 grms Rs 1,687
11 Callebaut Dark Truffle Shells 1.36 kgs Rs 5,052
12 Callebaut Ruby Chocolate 2.5 kgs Rs 4,946

Since the launch of Callebaut products on Bakerykart, we had been receiving appreciation from chocolatiers and chefs across India, please find below some of valuable feedback received from them:

I just wanted to let you know that I received the shipment in good condition, as you promised. That was really fast. Thank you very much for the excellent service (which is not that common in our part of the world!).

Ashwin, Hyderabad

I am completely impressed with the delivery commitment time, though this order was on behalf of one of my student who was little skeptical to order online, but trust me through out the order till delivery every thing went smoothly, hassle free & over above your team gave personal attention till its safe & timely delivery. It was super quick in just 48 hours!

Deepika Namdev, D Chocolatist, Indore

Get the Callebaut products from Bakerykart, and add that dash of delectable flavor to your baked goodies. The products are shipped directly from the importer or their distributors, so you can be assured of the getting the best possible quality. We are proud of having the largest varieties of Callebaut chocolate which makes us the number 1 choice of professional chefs and chocolatiers all over across India.

If you are looking for Callebaut products, shop with Bakerykart for reliable Callebaut price in India, timely delivery, 100% customer satisfaction. So, if you want to buy Callebaut online in India, look no further than Bakerykart.