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Top Bakery Products Manufacturers in India


Top Bakery Products Manufacturers in India

Baking is an upcoming and booming business. As the demand for freshly baked cakes, brownies and cookies is on a rise, more and more people around are diving into this business. Several youngsters as well as middle-aged men and women that once baked for fun are now trying their hands at professional baking.

In an attempt to help these passionate bakers, Bakerykart has collaborated with the top bakery product manufacturers across India. We are a marketplace for premium bakery ingredients, bakeware, tools, and packaging, has made it easier to find and purchase bakery products online. We delivers high quality products to your door and trusted by top chefs in India. This is because all the products listed on Bakerykart are thoroughly tried and tested. These are listed here only after successful trial and satisfactory results to ensure the bakers get best quality products that enable them to bake stuff that boasts the rich taste.


Here is a look at the top bakery products manufacturers and their products on Bakerykart:

  • Callebaut


    An age old Belgian brand, Callebaut is loved for its premium dark chocolate, milk chocolate, cocoa nibs, chocolate sticks, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, dark truffle shells and caramel fill. The premium bakery ingredients offered by this brand have given wings to several budding bakers and are trusted by top pastry chefs across the globe. Checkout Callebaut Products

  • 2M Cocoa

    2M Cocoa

    2M Cocoa is a known name among chefs. The fact that 2M Cocoa was established to cater to the cocoa product requirement for reputed brands such as Cadbury speaks volumes about the quality of its products. The brand sells high quality dark chocolate, sprinkles, milk chocolate and milk and dark compound that come handy in the preparation of various bakery products including chocolate, cakes and cookies.

  • Novacart


    One of the pioneers for disposable paper mould for baking, Novacart is continuously innovating with new product line. The popular brands offers a wide range of bake and serve moulds such as plum cake moulds, cardboard baking cups, choco lava paper cups, paper baking moulds, muffin liners and more. It has revolutionized the baking industry by introducing the concept of disposable paper moulds that are easier to use compared to the metal moulds. Checkout Novacart Products

  • Delta Nutritives

    Delta Nutritives

    Budding as well as established chefs are in awe of the products offered by Delta Nutritives. The brand’s cold glaze and fruit filling available in various flavours including cherry, mango, blueberry, butterscotch, cocoa, caramel, kiwi, pineapple and orange add to the taste of bakery products. Delta Nutritives has helped the dessert and confectionery businesses in India make it big. Checkout Delta Products

  • Eagle Yeast

    Eagle Yeast

    Eagle Yeast is owned by well-known Chinese brand, Angel Yeast. The brand is known to offer high quality products. Its Instant Dry Yeast is especially popular among chefs as it acts as a leavening agent for baking bread and other similar bakery products.

  • Pavoni


    Yet another trusted brand when it comes to baking tools and ingredients, Pavoni is a pioneer in pastry and catering sector. It offers chocolate moulds, silicone mould, silicone mats, baking tools, gelato pans, silicon moulds, powder spray, cocoa butter colors and decoration. Top pastry chefs around the world vouch for the products of this Italian brand. Checkout Pavoni Products

  • Magic Colours

    Magic Colours

    Magic Colours has a global presence. It has been supplying high quality bakery ingredientsand tools in Asia, Middle East as well as Europe.Some of the popular ones you can lay hands on include icing gel colors, lustre dust, oil candy colors, powder colors, food essence, sugar paste and air brush machine kit. Bakers around the world trust the bakery products offered by the brand. Checkout Magic Colours Products

  • Fab Flavours

    Fab Flavours

    Fab Flavours, known to offer premium food essence, is yet another trusted brand. It came into limelight after launch of its retail range of oil soluble essence in 2010. The brand offers premium oil based essences and oil soluble essence in different flavours including vanilla, hazelnut, rasmalai, banana, bubble gum, peppermint and more. They add to the flavour and taste of cakes, cupcake, cookies and candies. Checkout Fab Flavours Products

  • Bakersville


    Bakersville has won the hearts of millions by offering premium cake and brownie premixes, frosting cream, mousse mix, icing cream mix, whipping cream mix, cocoa powder, sprinkles, food colors and more. The prime focus of the brand is to offer best quality cake decoration products to bakers across India. Checkout Bakersville Products

  • Tropolite Food

    Tropolite Food

    Tropolite Foods is among the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of baking ingredients in India. Headquartered in Gwalior, this reputed brand has been supplying bakery products such as fondants, choco lava premixes, brownie premixes and chocolate sponge premixes across the country. Checkout Tropolite Products

  • Bob’s Red Mill

    Bob’s Red Mill

    This whole grain foods brand is marketed by American company Bob’s Mill Natural Foods. The brand has a long history of selling premium quality baking flours and bakery products including pancake mixes, baking flour, bread flour and super fine cake flour to name a few. Its products are famous in Unites States, Canada as well as Asia.

  • Bella Flavours

    Bella Flavours

    This vadodara based brand has established a name in the flavour industry by offering high quality products at affordable price. It offers liquid fruity and dry fruit flavours, flavour emulsions and dry mix powders that are trusted by renowned chefs. Its products add a special flavour to the bakery products.

  • KitchenAid


    KitchenAid is an American company owned by the renowned Whirlpool Corporation. It offers high quality kitchen appliances. Chefs and bakers around the world rely on stand mixers, blenders, food processors and microwaves offered by this brand. These appliances facilitate a smooth baking experience. Checkout Kitchenaid Products

  • Wilton


    Wilton has established itself in the global market by offering premium quality baking ingredients, bakeware, decorating tools, cookie cutters, cupcake liners, cookie sheetsicing mix, sprinkles and fondants. Based in Illinois, it supplies bakery products to various parts of the world.  Checkout Wilton Products

  • Holyland Marketing

    Holyland Marketing

    This leading canned and processed food company based in New Delhi offers high quality products. The brand has a huge clientele and supplies products across the country. With several awards in its stride, the company is known for its premium quality tin fruits and tutti-frutti that are key baking ingredients. Checkout Holyland Products

So if you have been wondering where to get top quality bakery products at the most affordable price now you know where to look for. If you haven’t tried shopping at our trusted ecommerce portal yet then log on Bakerykart to checkout our premium range of products and buy them before your competitors lay hands on them.