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Amazing facts about vanilla flavour


Amazing facts about vanilla flavour

We all have great memories with the vanilla flavour. Yes, it is the smell associated with delicious cakes, cookies, mom’s pudding and plenty of other savouring delicacies. Vanilla is the most common flavouring agent in most of the baking dishes and it plays a crucial role in enhancing the aroma and flavour of your dish. Try avoiding vanilla flavour in your next creation, probably you would not dare to do it again.


Where does the Vanilla come from?

Vanilla flavour is extracted from the orchids of genus Vanilla, the orchids are grown all around the world but they originally come from Mesoamerica, and the parts of Mexico. The most common sources of vanilla flavours are Madagascar, Mexico and Papua New Guinea. Out of all, Madagascar Vanilla is the best. After Saffron, Vanilla is the most expensive spice in the world.  

The vanilla extract that we use every day is nothing but a controlled blend of vanilla beans, water and alcohol. The seeds and the vanilla pod both are responsible add deep flavor to the mixture. The older the vanilla extract, the better is the flavor and fragrance.


Some insights about Vanilla

  • The Vanilla flavour is extracted from an Orchid of genus vanilla and widely extracted from vanilla Planifolia plant.
  • Orchid is a wine like plant that grows on the trees.
  • Vanilla pod is amputated from the plant to create the vanilla extract.
  • Vanilla pod is full of tiny black beans and these beans are then blended with water and alcohol to produce the vanilla extract and essence.

Importance of Vanilla flavour in Baking

Bakers cannot think of completing their baking without adding the right vanilla flavour to the delicacy. The following points highlight the importance of vanilla flavour in baking:

  • It enhances the flavor and aroma of any baked dishes.
  • Vanilla flavour works best with egg and other dairy ingredients.
  • Vanilla flavour brings out the flavors of other ingredients in the baked dishes.
  • It helps to remove the raw smell of ingredients like egg, flour, butter etc.  

Varieties of Vanilla Flavour

If you are confused about the variety of Vanilla Flavour you should use in your next baking delight, we are with some insights on the varieties available:

  • Vanilla Essence - The vanilla essence is commercially developed blend of vanilla beans and other quality ingredients. It is bake stable and cost effective compared to pure vanilla extract. A few drops to few ml would help you add flavour and aroma to your baked dish.
  • Vanilla Extract - Vanilla extract is the most natural form of vanilla available in the stores. The vanilla extracts are prepared using an active ingredient of vanilla in a concentrated form. The vanilla extract is not bake-stable and it is three times as expensive as the vanilla essence.
  • Vanilla Powder - Vanilla Powder is extracted from high quality vanilla beans using the spray drying process. This powder is extremely useful and ideal for dry bakery mixes or color sensitive recipes.
  • Vanilla Emulsion - The emulsion is a water-based flavouring agent usually used in preparing cold drinks, cocktails and syrups.  
  • Vanilla Pod - The vanilla pod is the stem of the orchid flower that contains tiny seeds of vanilla. These seeds can be directly added to the recipe and it is the most expensive form of vanilla flavour.

The Application of Vanilla Flavour in Baking

  • Vanilla flavour is widely used in making desserts.
  • Vanilla Flavour is an elixir for all kinds of baking items such as cakes, cookies and more.
  • The vanilla flavour should be used after the food is removed from the flame so that the flavour does not dissipate.
  • Do not overuse the vanilla flavour in huge quantities as it may lead to a bitter taste.

How to store the Vanilla Flavour to restore its goodness?

The kitchen cupboards are a great place to store your favorite vanilla extract. However, you should take the following points into consideration while storing it:

  • You can store the vanilla extract at a cool temperature ranging between 12.8 to 28.6 degree Celsius.
  • Do not store near the over or a gas stove.
  • The vanilla beans and extract should not be stored in the refrigerator as it will make it cloudy.

Where to source Vanilla Flavour?

If you are a vanilla flavour lover and love to use the original vanilla flavour in your recipe, you can reach out to Bakerykart and you will get a variety of Vanilla flavours for your ultimate baking creations. There are plenty of vanilla flavours brands available in India and we are working hard to bring them to your doorstep.

We are currently sourcing premium quality vanilla flavours from Sprig and Bella. Take a look at the list of available vanilla varieties available at our store.

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