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Sea Element 2 Fondant Mould

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Elevate your cake and cupcake decorations with the Sea Element Fondant Mould. Craft ocean-inspired designs, including seahorses, starfish, shells, and fishes. This high-quality silicone mould is perfect for sugarpaste, chocolate, fondant, and more.

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Introducing the Sea Element Fondant Mould, a versatile tool designed to infuse your confectionery creations with an enchanting touch of the ocean. This mould showcases a captivating array of sea-inspired designs, including seahorses, starfish, shells, and fishes, enabling you to adorn your cakes and cupcakes with marine elegance.

Crafted from high-quality silicone material, this mould is not only durable but also high-temperature resistant, making it a reliable companion in your baking adventures. Its flexibility lends itself well to various edible materials, including sugarpaste, chocolate, fondant, flower paste, marzipan, and modelling paste.

Whether you're a seasoned pastry chef or an enthusiastic home baker, the Sea Element Fondant Mould empowers you to effortlessly create intricate ocean-themed decorations. Dive into the realm of creativity and elevate the visual appeal of your desserts, capturing the essence of the sea with impeccable detail and finesse.

For an added layer of elegance, consider dusting the mould with a touch of edible luster dust or experimenting with vibrant colors. The possibilities are as endless as the depths of the ocean itself.

Maintenance and storage are simple, ensuring the longevity of this mould as a cherished tool in your kitchen. Elevate your cake decorating to new depths with the Sea Element Fondant Mould, turning your sweet creations into edible treasures of the sea.

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How to Use:

  1. Prepare the Mould: Start with a clean and dry Sea Element Fondant Mould. Ensure it's free of any debris.
  2. Knead Your Material: Knead your chosen edible material (such as fondant or gum paste) until it's smooth and pliable.
  3. Press Material: Press the material into the mould's cavities, making sure it fills all the intricate details. Trim any excess.
  4. Unmould Carefully: Gently flex and tap the mould to release the fondant or gum paste shapes. Take your time to avoid damaging delicate details.
  5. Decorate: Use the sea-inspired shapes, including seahorses, starfish, shells, and fishes, to embellish your cakes, cupcakes, or other baked goods.


  • Dust the mould lightly with cornstarch or powdered sugar before pressing in the material to prevent sticking.
  • Experiment with various colors and edible luster dust to create a realistic underwater effect.
  • Adding edible pearls or dragees can provide an extra touch of ocean-inspired elegance.


  • After use, clean the mould in warm, soapy water, ensuring all residue is removed. You can use a soft brush for intricate details.
  • Make sure the mould is completely dry before storing to prevent moisture buildup.

Storage Techniques:

  • Store the Sea Element Fondant Mould in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
  • Avoid placing any sharp objects or heavy items on top of the mould, as this can damage its intricate designs.
  • To maintain the mould's shape and quality, store it flat or hang it up.
  • Consider using an airtight container or resealable bag to protect the mould from dust and debris when not in use.

By following these instructions, your Sea Element Fondant Mould will remain a durable and reliable tool, ready to help you create stunning ocean-inspired cake and cupcake decorations for many baking adventures to come.

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