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Molino Naldoni: Crafting Excellence in Flour Milling

Since 1705, Molino Naldoni has been a renowned name in the world of milling, embodying a rich heritage of wheat knowledge and a deep-rooted passion for the art of flour-making. Over the course of seven generations, our family-run mill has continuously evolved, embracing experimentation and innovation to deliver exceptional products. Listening attentively to the needs of professionals, we have crafted flours that are widely regarded as excellent, positioning us as an industrial force capable of milling nearly 450 tons of soft wheat per day, with a focus on Italian varieties.

At Molino Naldoni, we blend traditional craftsmanship with progressive technology, creating a milling process that is meticulously perfected. Our grains embark on a journey through our state-of-the-art facility, passing through sophisticated machines that cleanse, separate, and eliminate any impurities. Carefully selected and hygienically hydrated, the wheat undergoes grinding in our rolling mills, followed by sifting, regrinding, and further sifting, until the perfect flour is achieved. Each milling recipe involves various steps in different mills and sieves, ensuring precise granulometry without subjecting the grains to thermal stresses. The final stage involves maturation in our flour silos before packaging, allowing the flour to reach its optimal quality.

Throughout our journey, we have continuously explored new horizons and embraced organic practices. In 2019, we inaugurated our new facility in Faenza, which is dedicated entirely to organic milling. This expansion reflects our commitment to sustainability and the growing demand for organic products. With Molino Naldoni, you can trust that every flour we produce is the result of our relentless pursuit of excellence. We take pride in uncovering the secrets that set our flours apart, ensuring that each grain of wheat transforms into a product that reflects our unwavering dedication to the art and science of milling.

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