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What is Sugar Paste?


What is Sugar Paste?

Sugar paste is a popular, edible and versatile icing chiefly used in the decoration of cakes and pastries. In addition to it being delicious, another reason why this paste is so well-liked is that it can be moulded, modelled, shaped, smoothed and very easily rolled out. The ingredients typically include icing sugar, glycerine, corn syrup, water and gelatine heated and cooled to create a paste of dough-like consistency. Magiculata, Satin ice, Confect, Vizyon and Tropolite are a few examples of brands in India that sell sugar paste.

Sugar paste lends a polished, smooth and thereby eye-catching and professional touch to cakes, muffins, other cupcakes and even cookies.  You can get creative and use it to hand model figurines and characters for your cake or experiment with it using your moulds and cookie cutters.

If you are a diabetic, don’t worry, you can always go for sugar paste with reduced sweetness.

How to Use Sugar Paste?

The process to get your sugar paste icing ready for your cake is pretty straightforward and quick. Find a dry surface to work on and dust it lightly with icing sugar. A non-stick surface is best but if that’s not available, a granite or stainless surface would be fine. Avoid marble surfaces.

Knead the paste for a while and then with the help of a rolling pin, roll it out using even but firm pressure. As a beginner, you can aim for a thickness of 5 mm and with experience, move to 2 to 3 mm. That’s it – your sugar paste is ready. Just make sure to apply a thin layer of buttercream crumb coat, boiled glaze or alcohol on top of the cake before you put the sugar paste. This is to help the paste stick in place.

More Tips for Working with Sugar Paste

Given below are some more tips to get the best out of your sugar paste adventures:

  • For a sponge cake or similarly soft cake, it is better to keep the cake in the fridge for some time before you top it with the paste.
  • Sugar paste figurines or decorations should be allowed to dry up thoroughly before storage. Once dry, you can transfer them into a lidded plastic container and keep in a cool dry place.
  • Utilize embossers and crimpers to really take your baking creations to the next level.
  • For flat cake decorations such as flowers or cakes, a thickness of 1 to 2 mm is ideal.
  • If after massaging the paste and adding CMC or gum tragacanth, you still spot little cracks, lines or creases, smoothen them with the heat from your hands. You can get rid of a bubble with the help of a pin. Just pierce one side of it with the pin and smoothen it.
  • After use, store opened packs of sugar paste in an airtight container or in cling film to retain their workability till the next use. Never refrigerate or freeze the paste.

Sugar Paste Seamlessly Delivered to your Home

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