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Top Selling Cake Boxes in India


Top Selling Cake Boxes in India

The entire preparations and the zeal for party are worthless without a good cake. For a baker, cake is quite close to their heart and along with the other raw materials to complete the baking process; the baker also needs a good cake box to present the cake and deliver it safely to the client.

Nowadays, it is easier to buy cake boxes online and hence, this article aims to pour some insights on the varieties of cake boxes in India. Before we move towards that, let us understand something more about the cake boxes.

Importance of Cake Boxes

Cake boxes are as important as the cakes themselves. The cake box keeps your cake safe and fresh for the party. The following points will help you understand the importance of choosing good quality cake boxes in India:

  • Cake boxes facilitate a safe transportation of the cakes to the clients.
  • Cake boxes also protect the delicate items during the transportation.
  • Cake boxes add an aesthetic look to your cake. For instance, you can select a themed cake box for a themed birthday party.
  • Cake boxes are designed to keep the cake fresh for the party.
  • Cake boxes help in easy handling of the cake.

Important factors to consider while selecting the right cake box

Cake is one of the most beautiful baking creations and a baker cannot go wrong in the presentation of the same. Having said this, selecting the right cake boxes in India can be a herculean task. Look at these factors while selecting the best cake box for your delicious creation.

  • Choose a cake box that will stand the weight of your lovely creation. A very light cake box might not handle your cake well. Thus, the durability of the cake box is very important while choosing the cake boxes in India.
  • The cake box should be ½ inch bigger than the size of your cake so that the cake doesn’t touch with walls of the cake box. Thus, choosing the right size of the cake box is important, too small or too big cake box may spoil your freshly baked cake.
  • If your client has organised a themed party, you can pick up from the designer cake box collection or the colour themes based on the theme of the party.
  • A variety of material kraft paper, imported papers, cardboards and more are used to create cake boxes. The prices of cake boxes would vary as per the material used, hence you should choose a cake box based on your budget.

Price List of Top Selling Cake Boxes in India

The cake boxes at Bakerykart are available in a variety of sizes, colours and designs. The size range starts from 8 inches to approximately 12 inches for a large cake. Our sellers only deal with the best quality cake boxes in India. A variety of papers and cardboards are used to craft the best cake boxes for our clients.

Description Size MOQ


Cake Packaging Box - 8X8X5 8X8X5 10 294
Cake Packaging Box - 8X8X5 - 50pcs 8X8X5 50 1029
Cake Packaging Box - 10X10X5 12X12X5 10 347
Cake Packaging Box - 10X10X5 - 50pcs 12X12X5 50 1190
Kraft Paper Cake Box With Window - 12X12X5 12X12X5 10 424
Cake Box With Window - 12X12X5 - 50pcs 12X12X5 50 1330

We promise express delivery for any kind of cake box you need. In case, you need further clarification, get in touch with us via email or call us at +91-9811122212.