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Top Selling Muffin Pans in India


Top Selling Muffin Pans in India

If you are ready to take the onus of baking on your head, you should be prepared to add some important tools to your baking arsenal, muffin pans are one of them. Your muffin pan is the backbone to bake your tiny textured creation. These tiny and fluffy mini-cakes will not turn out well without good muffin pans.

Whenever your muffins were too dry or too pale or not doomed enough or not pale enough, you would have blamed the recipe first. While the bad formulas are there, the muffin pan is certainly an element that is overlooked. A muffin pan has an important part to play in the baking process.

A good muffin pan is responsible to distribute the heat evenly across the pan. The well done edges and the deep brown colour of your muffin is only because of the muffin pan. Moreover, the shape and the cavities of the muffin pan will provide an indulgent dome to your muffins.

That being said, the muffin pans are a crucial element in the entire baking process. Thus, let us have a look at the available variety of muffin pans in India.

There are largely two kinds of muffin pans:

  • Metal Muffin Pans - The metal pans are made from a range of narrow metals because the muffin pans need to distribute the heat evenly and they should be safe for preparation. The metal muffin pans are available in Aluminium, Stainless Steel, and Carbon Steel Muffin Pans.
  • Silicone Muffin Pans - The silicone muffin pans serve as a great alternative to the traditional muffin pans. Silicone has outperformed all the other material in terms of performance, easy release and easy clean up.

Silicone and the metal muffin pans, both enjoy their merits and demerits. The bakers can choose the one that is convenient for them. Let us have a look at a brief over the pros and cons of metal and silicone muffin pans in India.


Pros and Cons of Metal Muffin Pans in India


  • Metal muffin pans are durable and they have the ability to spread the heat evenly across all the cavities
  • Today, almost all the metals such as stainless steel, aluminium etc. are dishwasher safe.
  • The metal moulds are steady as compared to the silicone moulds


  • The metal muffin pans in India are more expensive than the silicone muffin pans.
  • The metal muffin pans are bulky and they need more storage space.
  • The metal muffin pans need a pan releasing agent.

Pros and Cons of Silicone Muffin Pans in India


  • Silicone muffin pans are flexible and great space savers. You can even fold them and store it in a squeezed place.
  • Silicone muffin pans are easy to clean and wash.
  • The muffins are easier to release from a silicone muffin pan.


  • Muffin pans are very flexible and that makes lifting and at the same time, transferring the food also becomes difficult.
  • There is always a need of a steady metal tray to hold the silicone muffin pan well.
  • If the silicone muffin pans are of poor quality, they can mix harmful chemicals with the food.

Various popular brands are coming up with great baking pans in India. Silikomart, Patisse, Kitchenaid, Rolex are some of the popular brands for muffin pans in India.


Top Selling Muffin Pans in India

Description Brand Price
Medium Muffin SF023 - Silikomart Silikomart Rs 1,150.00
Mini Heart Cake Pan 8 Cup 29 X 17 Cm Patisse Rs 1,300.00
Muffin Pan 12 Cavity 35 Cms Patisse Rs 1,099.00
Small Muffin SF022 - Silikomart Silikomart Rs 1,150.00
Muffin Pan 12 Cup 35 cms Patisse Rs 780.00
Pack Of 6 Silicone Muffin Mould Baking Equipments Rs 149.00
6 Muffin Aluminium Pan Non Branded Rs 649.00
9 Muffin Aluminium Pan Non Branded Rs 999.00
12 Muffin Aluminium Pan Non Branded Rs 1,299.00

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