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Importance of Food Essence in Baking


Importance of Food Essence in Baking

Food essences are the important elements that add a new fragrance, depth and aroma to the baked creation. Your clients will judge the baked creation with their first sensory perception i.e. smell and the right food essence will add a great flavour to your creation.

Why do we need Food Essence?

The flavour of the food is perceived with the help of three key senses – smell, taste and presentation. The food essence is a pocket friendly option to enhance the flavour of your baked creation. The importance of the food essence can be understood with the help of the following points:

  • It adds a good taste and aroma to the baked dish
  • Food essences are bake stable and thus, the aroma and the texture of the dish is retained even if the dish is baked at high temperatures.

Popular Varieties of Food Essences

If you dive deep into the flavouring market, you would find myriad of food essences available at your disposal. However, the following are the notable and popular food flavours in India.

  • Herbs and Spices - These food essences such as saffron, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, chili and more are the available herbs and spice essences. These flavours can be used to make cinnamon cakes, breads and so on.
  • Fruits and Nuts - There are plenty of fruits & nuts essences available. Flavours such as blueberry, strawberry, orange, apple, almond and walnut are the all-time favorites. These fruit essences can be used in making awesome cheese cakes, plum cakes, puddings and more. Further, the nuts flavours can be used to make walnut brownies, almond brownies and so on.
  • Alcoholic Flavours - The alcohol flavours are the exotic flavours available to replace the use of alcohol in your recipe. These food flavours are used to add alcoholic flavour and taste to your cakes like rum cakes.

As we stated above, there are plenty of food essences available. Bakerykart is your ideal destination to have a look at the amazing varieties of food flavourings for your upcoming baking creation. We have premium products from the brands such as LorAnn Oils, Magic Colours, Spice Drop, Bakersville, Wilton and more.

Food Essence Price in India

Description Size Type Amount
Saffron Extract by Spice Drop 20 ml Extract Rs 300
Cumin Extract by Spice Drop 5 ml Extract Rs 100
Colourmist Butterscotch Aroma 200 grams Essence Rs 160
Rum Aroma By Colourmist
200 grams Essence Rs 160
LorAnn Oils Flavors Cheesecake 3.7 ml Essence Rs 155
LorAnn Oils Flavors Cookies & Cream 3.7 ml Essence Rs 155
LorAnn Oils Flavors Mint Chocolate Chip 3.7 ml Essence Rs 155
Wilton Pure Lemon Extract 59 ml Extract Rs 390
LorAnn Oils Emulsion Raspberry 118 ml Emulsion Rs 560
Madagascar Vanilla 15 ml Essence Rs 300

We provide express delivery of food essences across India. For further details about any of our product, get in touch with us at 9811122212 or drop us an email at