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Best Selling Pavoni Products in India


Best Selling Pavoni Products in India

Pavoni Italia stands as a celebrated name in the realm of pastry and baking, revered for its unwavering commitment to innovation and the delivery of top-tier quality in its product offerings. Their extensive collection of moulds and tools has forged a legacy of excellence, capturing the hearts of culinary experts and confectionery artisans worldwide. In India, the Pavoni Italia products has swiftly gained prominence for its exceptional performance and its ability to transform ordinary desserts into works of edible art. It has become the go-to choice for those who seek to infuse their culinary creations with a touch of sophistication and creativity.

Now, let's delve into the best-selling Pavoni Italia products available in India, which have gained immense popularity among culinary enthusiasts.

  • Pavoni Plissee KE013

    Pavoni Plissee KE013

    The Pavoni Plissee KE013 is an ingenious silicone pastry mold, ideal for crafting pleated dessert decorations. Whether you're creating entremets, mousses, or cake bases, this versatile mold adds a touch of elegance to your confections.
  • Pavoni Planet KE024

    Pavoni Planet KE024

    Unleash your creativity with the Pavoni Planet KE024, a remarkable silicone mold that allows you to craft stunning globe-shaped desserts. Elevate your baking game with this innovative design, perfect for creating mesmerizing globe cakes and entremets.
  • Pavoni Moulin Chocolate Bar Mould

    Pavoni Moulin Chocolate Bar Mould

    The Pavoni Moulin Chocolate Bar Mould lets you craft artisanal chocolate bars with intricate designs effortlessly. Impress your customers or guests with the exceptional quality of your chocolate creations.
  • Pavoni Target Chocolate Bar Mould

    Pavoni Target Chocolate Bar Mould

    Elevate your chocolate-making skills with the Pavoni Target Chocolate Bar Mould. Craft unique chocolate bars with bullseye patterns that are sure to captivate chocolate lovers.
  • Pavoni Top03

    Pavoni Top03

    The Pavoni Top03 is a versatile silicone mold that empowers you to create striking, three-dimensional dessert shapes. Whether it's entremets, mousses, or cake bases, your creations will be as delightful to look at as they are to savor.
  • Pavoni Top08

    Pavoni Top08

    Elevate your dessert presentations with the Pavoni Top08 silicone mold. This mold allows you to craft intricate, textured dessert designs, making your entremets, mousses, and cake bases stand out with their unique patterns.
  • Pavoni FOROSIL 43

    Pavoni FOROSIL 43

    The Pavoni FOROSIL 43 is a perfect complement to your baking tray, thanks to its non-stick properties and micro holes that ensure optimal heat distribution. It's a game-changer for your baking experience.
  • Pavoni Silpat SPV64 - 600 X 400 mm

    Pavoni Silpat SPV64 - 600 X 400 mm

    The Pavoni Silpat SPV64 is a professional-grade silicone baking mat designed to meet the needs of bakers and pastry chefs. This non-stick baking mat is an essential tool for creating perfect pastries, chocolates, and sugarcraft.
  • Pavocake Mould KE035

    Pavocake Mould KE035

    The Pavocake Mould KE035 is a silicone mold that opens up new horizons for contemporary dessert shapes. Ideal for crafting entremets, mousses, and cake bases that stand out with their distinctive and innovative designs.
  • Pavocake Mould KE036

    Pavocake Mould KE036

    With the Pavocake Mould KE036, you can infuse your dessert presentations with creativity and uniqueness. This silicone mold is your key to crafting innovative, geometric dessert designs that leave a lasting impression.


Elevate your baking and dessert creations with Pavoni Italia's exceptional range of products. Whether you're a professional pastry chef or a passionate home baker, these innovative tools and molds open up a world of creative possibilities. To explore and shop the best-selling Pavoni Italia products in India, head to Bakerykart. We deliver across the country, ensuring that you have access to the finest tools for your culinary artistry. Share your favorite Pavoni product or your creative creations in the comments below – we'd love to hear from you and see your delicious masterpieces.