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10 Amazing Facts about Desserts


10 Amazing Facts about Desserts

The Awesome flavours of the desserts bring an overrated smile on our face, whenever served. Whether it is the piece of cake, an apple pie, a delicious cupcake or some really attention-grabbing piece of fact, we love enjoying every bit of it.

Don’t we?

Well! Let’s add a little more taste and delicacy while enjoying the awesome flavours of these desserts! Did you ever know about some of the most classified interesting facts about baking and desserts?

If no! Let’s take a look at some of the amazing, less known facts about desserts, as listed below:

  1. The word “dessert” originates from a French word “desservir”, which means “to clear the table” and is thus, served after the main course in most of the countries, including- US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, however “pudding” is commonly used in the country of United Kingdom. This one is amongst the most uncommon known facts about desserts.
  2. Ice cream testers make use of gold spoons for tasting the product for a 100% taste and avoid even the slightest deviation from the ‘after-taste’ effects caused due to a regular spoon usage.
  3. Dubai Shopping Festival in association with the Emirates Culinary Guild displayed the highest number of desserts at the Uptown Mirdiff, Dubai, UAE, on 13th February 2009, totalling to around 2,232 desserts displayed from around 30 countries, across the globe.
  4. As per NASA, the most missed item by the astronauts in space is ice cream. Second is pizza and third are the fizzy drinks.
  5. German chocolate cake is not German. It is actually named after Sam German, who was an American baker with excellent bakery skills. This adds to one of the remarkable, yet less known facts about desserts.
  6. The most expensive, globally recognised ice cream and dessert is “The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate ice cream sundae that costs $25,000. It is, however, added to the menu list of the Serendipity 3 restaurant located in New York (USA) since 7th November 2007.
  7. The most famous Willy Wonka actually exists. The chocolate factory of Willy Wonka was made up of total chocolate. The chocolate river said to be flowing in his factory contains around 150000 gallons of mixed chocolate, water and cream; however it didn’t stay alive for long and turned out to be spoilt and smelly.
  8. Another interesting entry in the most interesting facts about baking list says that adding rich content of alcohol to a fruitcake can improve its longevity. A similar cake prepared by Jay Leno in the year 1878 was preserved as a sample for around 125 years, later to its baking.
  9. The amazing Marshmallow that mouth waters the dessert lovers with even the slightest hint of its content is actually a plant. It was popularly used during the Renaissance period as a herbal medicine to cure causes of a sore throat and other relative problems.
  10. The flavour preference of people in choosing their pie depicts their personality. Same goes for you! The apple pie lovers are generally realistic, compassionate thoughtful, pecan and analytic in person. However, the chocolate pie lovers are lovely in nature and those who love pumpkin pie are said to be funny and self-dependent.

If you have any other interesting facts about desserts to share, we would love to hear from you. For the finest bakery ingredients don’t forget to visit our store.