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Tea, Coffee & Dessert Pairing Guide


Tea, Coffee & Dessert Pairing Guide

Do you think dessert pairing is an easy job?

The right guide bring you to the right experience, similarly the right dessert pairing guide will help you pair your tea or coffee for great experience. However, the most common pairing option with your coffee or tea is, of course, a cheesecake or a doughnut or a truffle pastry or tea cake; yet going through the dessert pairing guide helps dig deeper and make your own favourable combinations, too!

Let's start with it!

With different varieties of coffee and tea flavours running around, pairing each one becomes a difficult job. To help you with this, here is a list of dessert pairing guide that will perfectly match with your tea and coffee.


Find below some of highly recommended and perfectly paired combinations to go with your favourite cup of tea/coffee:-

  1. The cup of your Cafe Latte goes perfectly with Lemon & Blueberry Scones, follow the step by step recipe by Claudia to prepare your lemon & blueberry scone.
  2. The combination of Chamomile Tea and Lemon Shortbread is one of the most famous and loved combinations to enjoy, here is the recipe for lemon shortbread.
  3. Japanese green tea, such as- Gyokuro and Fukamushi Sencha tastes awesome with any of the dark chocolate desserts. Being a bit salty due to its mineral's saltiness, it helps in popping the dark chocolate flavours, rightly.
  4. Another dessert pairing guide suggests that a cup of Espresso coffee goes perfectly with a piece of Chocó lava cake and raspberry macarons.
  5. The smooth, creamy desserts like- milk chocolate, cheesecakes, etc. tend to taste better when tasted with a cup of black tea. The flavour of black tea helps your taste bud enjoy the sweetness of the dessert, even better.
  6. The Irish coffee goes very well with a slice of apple pie and chocolate strawberries, according to the most suggested dessert pairing ideas.
  7. If you love the flavour of lemon tea, this one's for you.  Try pairing some triple chocolate cookies with Alokozay Lemon Tea for this.
  8. Cold coffee tastes amazing with a scoop of your favourite chocolate ice cream added to it. This one is definitely amongst the most amazing mouth-watering combination from the dessert pairing ideas.
  9. Your most favourite Cappuccino will delight your taste buds when combined with a piece of Tiramisu Cake, checkout this tiramisu cake recipe by Simply Home Cooked
  10. If you think the bitterness of the black coffee is enough to relish, let's add some more taste to it. Combine your cup of black coffee with the delicious cheesecake or the luscious Crepes with Ricotta cheese.

Are you planning a tea/coffee party, coming soon?

If yes! Get some your favourite and baking-friendly chocolate supplies from our online store to prepare your mouth-watering dessert at the upcoming tea/coffee party. Also, don’t forget to implement ideas from these unique combinations suggested in our dessert pairing guide.

We would love to hear from you on any further dessert combinations stories from your side to add to our dessert pairing guide!