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Trending Photography Backdrops in India


Trending Photography Backdrops in India

A backdrop is the most effective way to enhance any photograph. The background set is what brings out the best in your subject. By changing the appearance of a backdrop, you can easily improve the image's appeal and capture the attention of viewers. While it is an important aspect of any photography, it is far more important in food photography. A good backdrop can transform a mundane moment with a simple cup of tea into an extravagant affair. Furthermore, by stylising with appropriate photography backdrops, you can set the mood of viewers with your artistic inputs. It adds value to your photo by telling a story about it and displaying your imagination as well as your style.


How Can You Choose a Backdrop for Food Photography?

In the age of Instagram, we know how critical it is to select food photography backdrops. If you are a food blogger or food photographer, it decides how well your social media accounts will do and how engaging your posts will be. To make it easier for you to choose backdrops for the perfect gastronomical clicks, we are here with a few game-changing tips and tricks. Follow them and thank us later!

  • Subject Colour Vs Backdrop Colour - For a drool-worthy shot, you need to be cautious about the colour scheme you choose for both the backdrop and your presented dish. Even though you have the freedom to pick from numerous options, taking care of the colours of the overall composition of your platter is critical. The food photography backdrops should always compliment a platter’s colour scheme and make it look prettier than ever. If you want a universal backdrop that suits all kinds of plating, we suggest you go for neutral colours like tones of grey to make the platter take all the limelight.
  • Size of the Backdrop - We all have seen food shots with cut-off edges, and we know it is the last thing you want to happen. The ratio and proportion of the backdrop and the presentation are significant factors while planning a food photoshoot. Make sure your backdrop is large enough to accommodate a flawless shot but not too large that it takes away the beauty of your presentation. 
  • Texture of Backdrop - Textured backdrops are always excellent options for food photoshoots. When you explore the available photography backdrops in the market, you will find grained, spotted, and marble-finished kinds that can seamlessly attract viewers without distracting their gaze from the food being shot. The textured options come in materials like wood, concrete, PVC, and tile. Choose whatever suits your theme perfectly.
  • Durability of Backdrop - If you are a food photographer, you know how messy food can be. There is a high chance of spilling and staining your backdrop while managing your camera and the heavy accessories. For people who frequently shoot culinary scenes, having a sustainable option is a compulsion. Pick photography backdrops that can be easily cleaned and reused without worrying about staining them or spoiling the texture. If you ask us, we recommend you go for waterproof timber and canvas options.
  • Clean Vs Rustic - Out of the plenty of options, rustic backgrounds are the most trending ones. These eye-catchy selections can be your best resort if you are to shoot a simple food presentation with no over-the-top feels to it. It amplifies the aesthetics of your food shot and adds a regal look. While rustic options are ideal for a plane plate of meals, clean food photography backdrops would be your best fit for dramatic plating.

Top 10 Trending Food Photography Backdrops

  • Wilton Color Right

    Suede Texture Backdrop

    If you love textured backdrops and dark and dreamy colours are your thing, then you will fall for the suede texture backdrop. It adds a rustic look to your capture and enhances the charm of your presentation.

  • White Marble Texture Backdrop

    White Marble Texture

    Are you into marble themes and adore light backdrops? Then white marble texture won’t disappoint you a bit. It looks exactly like marble and adds an old-world charm to your frame that takes you back to the golden times of flourishing fine arts.

  • Terrazzo Flooring

    Terrazzo Flooring

    Adding some splash of colours to your light background can help you with the best kind of transition when photographing a simple dish. If this is what you want, then go for the terrazzo flooring backdrop. The mosaic texture of such backdrops is admired by some of the best food photographers worldwide as it adds the needed x-factor to a plate of food.

  • Terrazzo Flooring

    Rusty Striped Petals Texture

    When you want your backdrop to speak miles, go for a stripped option like that of a rusty stripped petals texture backdrop. The strips have a mesmerising look that will keep your followers stuck to your click for a long time. And when your subject is not as fancy, such textured food photography backdrops are your sure-shot answers.

  • Terrazzo Flooring

    Wood Texture Backdrop

    If you want a timeless backdrop, then the wood texture backdrop will be your saviour. Such a background can never be out of trend. Anything you shoot on this backdrop will look well put together with good efforts on it.

  • Wooden Plank Backdrop

    Wooden Plank Backdrop

    If you follow some of the most popular food photographers, you will find many of them using a wooden textured background with a worn-out look. The weary-looking wooden plank backdrop is a fine choice to add character to your presentation and easily manages to draw everyone’s attention.

  • Old Rusty Metal Backdrop

    Old Rusty Metal Backdrop

    Using an old rusty metal backdrop can make a fresh bowl of simple food look like a heavenly delicacy. Be it a regular meal or a beautifully plated dessert; these backdrops never fail to make an everlasting impression.

  • Dark Concrete Texture Backdrop

    Dark Concrete Texture Backdrop

    Dark colours are in these days as backgrounds for dramatic food photoshoots. With the rising popularity of food photography, it is enthralling to see how innovative photographers can get to treat the audience’s eye with an unforgettable experience. A dark concrete texture backdrop is the right choice for such photographers who love experimenting with unique backdrops.

  • Green Pastel Cement Backdrop

    Green Pastel Cement Backdrop

    To add freshness to your click, use a green pastel cement backdrop. It has a refreshing appearance that imparts liveness to the captured photo. It is a suitable option for capturing colourful cuisines and presentations.

  • Italian Marble Texture Backdrop

    Italian Marble Texture Backdrop

    Are you an adorer of Italian aesthetics and all things rosy and pale? If you tick these checkboxes, then the Italian marble texture backdrop will solve your shoot problems. The minimalistic look of this backdrop uplifts the character of your subject optimally and helps you with effortlessly beautiful clicks.

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