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How do you melt Callebaut?


How do you melt Callebaut?

The Callebaut chocolate is premium chocolate produced by Barry Callebaut since 1911. They are based in Belgium and are known for being one of the most reputed names in the production of couverture chocolate.

The chocolate has an outstanding taste, workability and endless pairing possibilities for chocolate sauce, cakes, ice cream, glazing, enrobing, pralines, fillings & ganache etc.


Popular Callebaut Chocolate Products

Given below are some of the most popular Callebaut couverture chocolate.

  • Callebaut 811

    Callebaut 811 Dark Chocolate

    The Callebaut 811 is best-selling dark chocolate with a rich flavour and taste. Across the globe, its beeing used by professional chefs and bakers to prepare praline, bonbon, ganache, sauce, and the like.

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  • Callebaut 823

    Callebaut 823 Milk Chocolate

    The Callebaut 823 is milk chocolate. The 823 variety comes with a mild taste and attractive color that gives a rich glossy look to the chocolate delicacies. It has significant roasted cocoa flavours and a delightful caramel note.

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  • Callebaut 70%

    Callebaut 70% Dark Chocolate

    The Callebaut 70% Dark Chocolate is one of the most seasoned Belgian chocolates produced by Barry Callebaut. It has a dominant and uniform chocolate taste lead by roasted cocoa, bitterness with fresh, fruity hints.

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  • Callebaut W2

    Callebaut W2

    The Callebaut W2 is white chocolate produced by Barry Callebaut. It has a pleasant taste with distinct milky, velvety, caramelly and vanilla notes in perfect balance. W2 can be pair with array of ingredients and flavours like spices, herbs, fruits to beers.

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Methods to Melt Callebaut

Tempering is a method to melt the Callebaut chocolate. It pre-crystalizes the cocoa butter to make it ideal for processing, resulting in a firm, silky, and glossy finish using the right temperature and method.

The most common tempering methods used by professional chefs & bakers are:

  • Chocolate Melter
  • Marble Top
  • Microwave

Tempering chocolate using the Chocolate Melter

One of the effective methods to melt Callebaut Chocolate, follow the steps below to temper the chocolate using a chocolate melter.

  • Melt some portion of chocolate at 40 degrees Celsius using a chocolate Melter.
  • Now decrease the temperature to 32 degrees Celsius and add un-melted chocolate chips to melted chocolates slowly while you keep stirring the chocolate gently.
  • If you notice that the chocolates are taking time to melt or melting too fast, then increase/decrease the temperature.
  • The finishing temperature for dark chocolate is between 31-32 degrees Celsius, 31 degrees Celsius for milk chocolate and 29 degrees Celsius for white chocolate.
  • If the temperature is high after mixing all the chocolate chips, then you can add some more chocolate to reduce the temperature.
  • Make sure that the mixture does not have any lumps. It should be smooth and fine. You can let it cool down to retain consistency.

Tempering chocolate using a marble top

Tempering chocolate using the marble top is a complex method. Since you need to make sure the temperature, movement, and timing are perfect for getting the derised result. So, unlike the other methods, you might have to put in some effort here.

  • Like the earlier method, melt the chocolate to 45 degrees Celsius in the melter and reduce the temperature to 27 degrees Celsius.
  • Just before you want to pour the chocolate onto the marble top, increase the temperature to 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Now Pour 2/3 of chocolate on the marble top and keep moving it around gently using the chocolate scrape.
  • You have to bring about a similar momentum of to and from action, this results in creating stable cocoa butter crystals and chocolate will slowly turn out to be thicker.
  • After the chocolate has cool down to 27 degress celsius, you can mix it with the remaining chocolate in the melter and bring the finishing temperature to 31-32 degrees Celsius.

Tempering chocolate using the microwave

The quickest and easiest method to melt a small portion of chocolate, follow the steps below to melt Callebaut Chocolate using the microwave.

  • Place some chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl inside a microwave for 1 minute and set the power level at between 800w – 1000w.
  • Now take out the bowl from the microwave and stir the chocolate well. Put back the bowl inside the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds and repeat the step till you see a small portion of un-melted chocolate.
  • Now keep stirring the chocolate till it completely melts. The chocolate should have an even consistency and get thickened to be ready for use.

Note: Don't keep the bowl inside the microwave for too long. You have to remove the chocolate from time to time and stir gently. It ensures that the chocolate does not burn.


Callebaut Tempering Chart

Chocolate Melting Temperature Finishing Temperature
Dark 40 degrees Celsius 31 to 32 degrees Celsius
Milk 40 degrees Celsius 31 degrees Celsius
White 40 degrees Celsius 29 degrees Celsius

Professional bakers and chefs highly recommend Callebaut 811 Dark Chocolate for getting the desired result.



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