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Elevate Your Baking Skills with Food Writing Pens


Elevate Your Baking Skills with Food Writing Pens

If you love food as much as we do, you'll know there's nothing quite as satisfying as sharing your culinary adventures with the world. And what better way to do that than with a food writing pen?

Food writing pens are like magic wands for foodies. With just a few strokes of the pen, you can conjure up mouth-watering descriptions of your favourite cookies, and transport your cake into your loved one’s fantacy by creating designs on the fondant.  

Whether you're a professional chef or a home baker, a good food writing pen is an essential tool in your arsenal. So, grab your seat, and join us as we explore the food writing pens. From calligraphy to graffiti, we'll take a bite out of every aspect of food writing and show you how to make your words as delicious as the dishes they describe.

Application Area of Food Writing Pen

Here are a few ways you can put your edible marker pen for cake decorating:

  • Decorating cakes and cupcakes: Use your food writing pen to decorate your cakes and cupcakes with intricate designs, messages, or even your favourite quotes on the fondant/royal icing. You can use different ink colours to create a rainbow of hues or experiment with different writing styles to add some flair.
  • Labelling baked foods: Use your food writing pen to label your baked foods with the name of the dish and the date you made it. This will help you keep track of how long your treats have been sitting out and when they're due to expire.
  • Personalizing cookies: If you're giving away freshly baked cookies as gifts, use your food writing pen to add a personal touch. You can write the recipient's name, a message, or even a special quote that's meaningful to both of you.
  • Edible notes: Use your food writing pen to create an edible personalized note for your loved one. Whether it is a special occasion like Valentine’s Day or you just want to make a day memorable for someone special, use the edible marker pen to create notes that they can not just read but also enjoy.
  • Displaying your creations: Use your food writing pen to create beautiful display cards for your baked foods. You can write the name of the dish, the ingredients, and even the recipe on the card, along with a little note about what makes the dish special.

Popular Food Writing Pen Range

Here are a few of the edible colour pens/markers, along with some ideas for how you can use them:

  • Black Jumbo & Skiny Edible Marker: This pen comes in a glossy black colour, perfect for adding a touch of prominence and delicacy with its double ends to your baked treat. Use it think and thin ends to create intricate designs on cakes and cupcakes or to add a little extra flair to your cookies and pastries. They can be used on a variety of desserts for corporate and formal occasions.
  • Food Writing Pen Set: These markers come in a variety of 10 bold colours, perfect for adding colour and design to your creation. This combo can be a great tool to create intricate designs on your cakes and desserts; invest once and be creative every day. The different colours allow you to experiment with shades while mixing them over each other.
  • Green Jumbo & Skiny Edible Marker: This pen features both fine and thick tip that's perfect for creating delicate designs, writing messages, or colouring. The colour green helps you in decorating cakes for Christmas, environment day, cakes showing flowers and leaves, ideal for any green theme decoration. 
  • Pink Jumbo & Skiny Edible Marker: This pen is perfect for creating stunning designs on your cakes and cupcakes for babies and cute occasions. This shade of pink is perfect for creating custom designs for special events like weddings or birthdays. You can use this for special occasions like valentines day, Raksha Bandhan, friendship day or children's day.
  • Red & Black Jumbo & Skinny Edible Marker: These edible marker pens for cakes decorating come in a red and black combo, ideal for designing on fondant, royal icing, and more. Use these shades to add custom designs to your cakes, cupcakes, desserts, or cookies with personalised messages.
  • Violet Jumbo & Skiny Edible Marker: This food writing pen features a double tip – a thick and fine tip that makes it easy to create intricate designs on your baked foods. Use it to draw delicate flowers or patterns as the colour violet gives a classy and loving appeal that is perfect to be used on the cake for weddings, special occasion and anniversaries.
  • Yellow Jumbo & Skinny Edible Marker: This pen comes in a bright yellow colour, perfect for giving a shade of stars or creating a loving theme-based cake for kids and elders. It is perfect to use in preparing cakes and pastries for summer parties as you can also illustrate the great alphanzo look with it.

No matter which edible colour marker you choose, you can be sure that your baked dishes will look and taste amazing.


One of the best things about these food writing pens is their ease of use. Simply remove the cap and start writing! The fine tip makes it easy to create intricate designs and messages, while the bold colours make your creations pop.

Whether you're a professional baker or just a home cook who loves to get creative in the kitchen, edible colour markers are a must-have tool. So why wait? Order your set today from Bakerykart and start creating edible masterpieces that are as beautiful are delicious!