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Best Selling Dark Chocolate in India


Best Selling Dark Chocolate in India

Got a sweet tooth for the dark chocolates? There is a good news for you. Apart from satiating your taste buds, the dark chocolates enjoy plenty of health benefits. Infused with several antioxidants, your flavourful dark chocolate in India has the power to reduce stress and blood pressure. Dark chocolate also contains compounds and enzymes that improve brain functioning. A few pieces of research have also suggested that dark chocolates are a strong weapon against cancer cells in the body.

Hearing all these benefits, we are sure your craving to use the dark chocolate would have increased. However, do you know what makes the dark chocolate different from any other chocolate?

It is always said that bitter the better. The percentage of cocoa content in the dark chocolate is higher than any other chocolate and hence it is bitter then them. Further, the dark chocolates contain nutrients such as zinc, copper, magnesium, potassium, selenium and phosphorus. Packed with such essential nutrients, consuming dark chocolate in India is the best for your health.


Why dark chocolate is called Dark?

The dark chocolate is composed of cocoa beans, cocoa butter and a little sugar to add a charm to your chocolate delights. You can distinguish the dark chocolate by judging the percentage of cocoa solids and cocoa butter in the chocolate. The dark chocolate you choose should be defined by the percentage of cocoa content like 54% Dark Chocolate, 70% Dark Chocolate and so on.

The percentage of the cocoa will decide the bitterness of the chocolate and you need to choose the right dark chocolate for creating the chocolate delight as per the recipe. The percentage of cocoa content is mentioned on the packets of the dark chocolate in India.


How to store your dark chocolate in India?

Dark chocolate is highly delicate product and is very sensitive to temperature, ordos, moisture and oxidation. Hence they should be stored between 15 to 20 degrees Celsius and frequent temperature variation may affect its texture and taste. To know more on storage process read our blog on, how to store couverture chocolate?


Most Popular Dark Chocolates in India

The dark chocolates will help you to add a unique blend to your chocolate creations. You can create chocolate ganache, pralines, cakes or any other chocolate delights with the help of the best selling dark chocolates available in the Indian Market.

  • Callebaut 811

    Callebaut 811 Dark Chocolate

    A dark chocolate in India that is loved by the chocolatiers and all the chefs around the world. It is known for its great taste, workability, and endless pairing possibilities. Used to create gourmet chocolate sauces, glazing ice-creams, pralines, fillings and ganache, Callebaut 811 Dark is the bestselling and No. 1  dark chocolate in India.

  • Callebaut 70%

    Callebaut 70% Dark Chocolate

    Put your fingers on the Callebaut 70-30-38 Dark if you are looking forward to an Intense and balanced chocolate taste. Favored by a number of chefs, we have brought it here for you. This is one of the finest Belgium Dark Chocolates.

  • Callebaut 70%

    Callebaut Ecuador - 70.4% - Dark Chocolate

    Quite intense in its taste, the Callebaut Ecuador is crafted with a fine blend of cocoa and deep roasted hints, and plenty of fruity and acidic flavours. The tinges of rum, tobacco and whisky give this chocolate its pure indulgent flavour.

  • Callebaut 70%

    Callebaut Sao Thome - 70.0% - Dark Chocolate

    Sao Thome is an island off Western Africa and this exotic dark chocolate is originated there. Infused with exotic fruits, this dark chocolate in India is available with an absolutely intense flavour. The roasted cocoa makes it even better.

  • Callebaut 70%

    Callebaut Madagascar - 67.4% - Dark Chocolate

    Callebaut Madagascar is going to leave your taste buds with a heavenly feeling. It has moderately acid flavours and fruity notes that remind of raspberries, juniper berries, citric fruits and ripe yellow fruits such as apricot and pineapple. Pair it with any of your favorite dishes, it is going to be the showstopper always.

  • Callebaut 70%

    Callebaut Malchoc Dark

    A perfect dark chocolate with no added sugar, this chocolate grabs its sweetness from the substitute called Maltilol, which is then rounded off with bourbon vanilla. A glossy chocolate awaits your hug.

  • Callebaut 70%

    Cacao Barry Saint Domingue 70% Dark Chocolate

    The chocolate is a perfect blend of bitterness along with the floral and fruity aromas. This is an appealing couverture chocolate for a long-lasting taste in the mouth. Crafted in the extra ordinary rich soil, the dark chocolate provides you with exceptionally great taste for your palette.

  • Callebaut 70%

    Cacao Barry Venezuela 72% Dark Chocolate

    Crafted with intense woody notes, this couverture chocolate is ready to provide you with a perfect and balanced taste. This is one of the best origin dark chocolate in India for cakes, ganache and other chocolate delights.


Dark Chocolate Price List in India

The dark chocolate price vary based on cocoa content and its origin. Hence buy a dark chocolate based on your taste, budget and recipe requirement.

Last Update : 11-11-2020

Sl Name Weight Price
1 Callebaut 811 Dark Couverture 500 grams Rs 732
2 Callebaut 70-30-38 Dark Chocolate 500 grams Rs 824
3 Callebaut Ecuador - 70.4% - Dark Chocolate 2.5 kgs Rs 4473
4 Callebaut Sao Thome - 70.0% - Dark Chocolate 2.5 kgs Rs 4562
5 Callebaut Madagascar - 67.4% - Dark Chocolate 2.5 kgs Rs 4891
6 Callebaut Malchoc Dark 5.0 kgs Rs 9989
7 Cacao Barry Saint Domingue 70% Dark Chocolate 2.5 kgs Rs 5139
8 Cacao Barry Venezuela 72% Dark Chocolate 2.5 kgs Rs 6440

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