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Best Selling Bread Pans in India


Best Selling Bread Pans in India

Bread pans are basically the containers that are used in baking bread. There is nothing more pleasing and indulging for a baker other than the fresh fragrance of a baked bread.  If you have been observing that your breads are getting over brown or the pound cakes are sticking to the base of the pan, you should give a thought to upgrade your bread pan.

The bread pans in India are available in plenty of varieties. You can run your fingers on the plain bread pans, designer bread pans for some impressive baking. Further, the material of the bread pans differs, you can choose from the aluminum bread tins silicone bread pans, other metal bread pans and even disposable bread pans in India.

Popular Bread Pans in India

Baking bread in an art and without a good bread mould, you will not get the desired results irrespective of your expertise on making the dough. Look at some of the popular types of bread pans in India and choose the right one for your next baking regimen.


Metal Bread Pans

The shiny or light colored metal pans are the best for a balanced browning while the dark colored metal pans can cause over-browning. However, the dark color metal pans are good to achieve the golden brown crusts on the bread. The Aluminum bread tin is always better than stainless steel because the former spread the heat evenly across the pan.


  • Strong, sturdy and long lasting.
  • Metal Bread Pans are good conductors of heat and they even spread the heat across the pan.
  • Choose the metal bread to achieve the best browning effect.


  • Metals like aluminium are reactive and hence, they do not provide the right taste to the muffin.
  • The metal pans need greasing before pouring the dough.

Silicone Bread Pans

If sticking is a major issue to you then silicone bread pans can be the best choice for you. The silicone bread pans are strong, sturdy and long lasting. Silicone bread pans does not need greasing but the bread tend to be very little brown.


  • Silicone solves the problem of greasing the pan and the bread does not stick to it.
  • The silicone pans are flexible and storing them becomes quite easy and convenient.
  • They are light weight and durable.


  • With the silicone bread pans, browning is an issue.
  • As these pans are flexible, they are break if not handled with care.

Popular brands of bread pans in India

Let us look at some of the popular brands of bread pans in India. The notable brands are Meyer, Patisse, Kitchenaid, Rolex and more. Bakerykart brings to you some of these brands, visit our bread mould store and find the best bread pans at your disposal.


Best Selling Bread Pans in India

Sl Product Brand Price
 1 400 grms MS Bread Mould Non Branded Rs 599
 2 800 Grms MS Bread Mould Non Branded Rs 849
3 Anodized Aluminum Bread Pan


Rs 1740
4 Mini Loaf Pan 9 Cms Patisse Rs 188
5 Bread Loaf Pan 30 Cm Patisse Rs 1300
6 Loaf Pan 23 Cm Patisse Rs 820
7 2 Loaf French Bread Pan 38 X 17 Cms Patisse Rs 939
8 Mini Loaf Pan 9 Cms - Patisse Patisse Rs 220

You have this amazing opportunity to grab the best bread pans in India for you breads, pound cakes, garlic buns and other such marvelous baking creation. For further queries on the products, you can reach out to us at